As the 2016 election season heats up, Tinder is getting into the political business with an initiative called "Swipe the Vote", which lets users swipe left or right on a series of political issues and then matches them with a candidate. "That's why we made a decision to build Swipe the Vote". Issue questions range from "Drill for oil and gas in the US?" to "Legalize marijuana?" or "Keep same-sex marriage legal?" After you've swiped through the issues, it will match you with one of the candidates.

'Tinder provides an unbelievable platform for millennials to learn more about the views and opinions of the candidates, giving them the opportunity to engage with important political issues while also providing an easy and efficient way to register to vote'.

Tinder and Rock the Vote worked together to design a 10-question policy-based survey that users can respond to by swiping right to agree and left to disagree. The app then chooses your political bedfellow.

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Tinder will collect and anonymize the data, and says the results may be released at a later date.

Tinder will now allow users in the match with a presidential candidate, and love's got nothing to do with it. It's a pretty surface level thing, but since it's a partnership with Rock the Vote, you'll be able to dig in a bit more.

'Voter by no means replaces the entire political education process, but it's an efficient and objective way for users to focus their time on candidates they could truly support'.