Toula's (Nia Vardalos) family will make an event of her daughter, Paris' (Elena Kampouris), school college fair, according to People's preview clip of the film. "Like, she's all I want to watch", she laughs. "Every marriage goes through - I wouldn't say it's a roller coaster - it's a slow-motion roller coaster, where you might suddenly look up and realize you've been going down and you didn't even know". While the running act of another Greek wedding surrounds the story, the married couple tries to attain a resolution.

"It was a long process for me and I thought, I can't".

Nia Vardalos and John Corbett return in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. "I can't complain, I just have to keep writing".

Creatively, I don't think that I can respond to that kind of pressure because... first of all, I have always been a fearless idiot and I tend to take on things that would be more prudent to leave behind (laughs). We wanted to find somebody just like I was cast in the first movie. "And I did it with comedy but really went in there".

Although Nia has spent much of the press time for the film talking about the delay and her struggle to be a mom, she told Jimmy Fallon a different story on a recent episode of The Tonight Show.

Take, for instance, the revelation that Toula's cousin, Angelo (Joey Fatone), isn't waiting for the right woman, but has instead already found the right man. Given the Portokalos family's appetite for pairing girls up with guys, you would expect Angelo's admission to come accompanied by dozens of scandalized hands thrown up in the air like some Fosse-esque flash-mob routine.

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"Every time I would see Lainie Kazan, I wouldn't even get the fork to my mouth before she would scream, 'When are we doing the sequel?!' So she was really happy", Vardalos told People.

"Then all of a sudden I become a mum and was more grateful than I would have been if it had happened easily". "She put herself on tape in her parents' house and through their Greek connections they got the tape to us". Whether or not audiences feel like it was worth the wait will depend heavily on how much they're up for a family reunion: Literally the entire major cast returns in this simultaneously overstuffed and undernourished follow-up.

"In an effort to calm me down, she said, 'Hey, this is nothing!"

Vardalos, on the other hand, has stressed that her film focuses on everyday female experience, implying that she and the filmmakers behind MBFGW2 know their demographic. Cue Toula's proud Greek immigrant father, Gus (Michael Constantine), coughing "payback" under his breath at the family restaurant. The appeal and warmth of the original My Big Fat Greek Wedding was one of the reasons why the 2002 rom-com went on to become a huge hit and gross over $360 million at the worldwide box office.

I am doing a series next year for Epic, where I will play a political consultant.