Bethesda published a new DOOM trailer on Monday, less than a week after revealing all nine of the game's multiplayer maps, and our latest glimpse of the first-person shooter breaks down three of the six multiplayer modes to be included iat launch.

The other modes are Team Deathmatch (self-explanatory), Clan Arena (last team standing), Soul Harvest (collecting souls of killed opponents which compound), Freeze Tag (getting the opposite team all frozen). Players will need to collect the souls of killed enemies to earn points, while teammates collect allies' souls to deny enemies from gaining points.

When the first player is killed, a Demon Rune will appear. In addition, the demon power-up has no time limit. Players will thaw faster if an an active ally is standing near them.

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It's a pretty standard loadout of multiplayer modes, with Freeze Tag being the most unique offering, but if the game's action holds up then the old standbys might provide plenty to do. Three static capture points are spread out across the map and players must control the capture points to reach a preset score first. This is Kill Confirmed with a DOOM-style twist. Team Deathmatch is Team Deathmatch, but again there are Demon Runes. If the player with the demon rune dies, he or she drops five souls. These main modes are the flair to online play, as the remaining modes (Clan Arena, Domination, Team Deathmatch) are all commonly found in other online shooters.

You can find more trailers and gameplay previews for DOOM right here. It is simply two teams pitted against one another using their best customisations and loadouts, powerups and power weapons. The demon rune will make an appearance in this game, as well, and gamers will be able to un-freeze frozen players. Once you're dead, you're dead - no respawning. A demon rune will spawn at random while its location will be announced to all players.

For a deeper dive into some of the modes that you will be playing when DOOM is released on May 13, check out the mature rated video below.