Halo fans interested in the Warzone Firefight in Halo 5: Guardians may enjoy a new gameplay trailer which has been released this week by Microsoft that has been published to the Xbox Wire website for your viewing pleasure. In fact, it is considered as the greatest cooperative experience ever in the franchise history, considering that it reportedly enables teams of eight players to work cooperatively against huge waves of enemies.

"Warzone Firefight is going to feature more enemies than ever before and it includes a brand new tier of Mythic" enemy bosses. Hammer Storm also added a new map called Torque and three new modes, Assault, Fiesta, and Griffball. If you thought that the Warden Eternal was tough you're in for a surprise. You can get a taste for how intense Warzone Firefight can be in this epic gameplay trailer that was just released...

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Check out Warzone Firefight in the video, below.

The enemies are Covenant and Promethean forces, as you'd expect. This means players will have full access to all your weapons, vehicles, power-ups, armor mods, etc. Most importantly, you can play with your teammates using the color scheme of your choice. Before Halo 5's launch, the Halo series had sold more than 65 million units since 2001 and generated more than $4.6 billion in sales at retail for Microsoft. 343 Industries is promising "thousands" of dynamically generated objectives each match, so players shouldn't be shy in leveraging those REQs to even the odds against hordes of enemies.