While iOS 9.3 brings many cool new features, you might want to postpone updating to the new OS if you haven't already done so, now that Apple's support forums are being flooded with reports of serious problems.

The feature that was boasted most during the beta session was the Night Shift mode, using which users can slash off the blue light radiations from your iOS device screen, thereby preventing the difficulty caused by blue lights in falling asleep. The feature can change the color temperature of an iOS device's screen when it is dark outside; with the temperature becoming increasing warmer as the outside environment gets darker.

iOS 9.3 has added a Night Shift feature that will help you at night when you're using your smartphone, and you can't sleep.

After you've chosen a password your note will lock. One of the biggest reasons why apps + operating systems release new updates (especially following a major one) is to patch up security holes and fix bugs. NeuroGadget shared that this feature for iOS 9.3 is considered to be the most awaited feature from the iOS Apple.

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The iPhone 6S Plus, one of the devices to get iOS 9.3 is displayed at the Apple retail store in Palo Alto, California. Just like the other previous upgrades, users of those mentioned devices will be prompted for an automatic update.

Notes is iOS' app for taking, well, notes. iOS 9.3 updates it by allowing users a layer of security. According to Wired, the iOS update has a modified 3D touch and can now protect your Notes app with Touch ID verification. It can now only be accessed with the correct password or, if you've opted to use it, Touch ID. The update is free and is available for all iPhones and iPads now running a version of iOS 9, including the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPad mini or newer.

Apple has also updated its News, Health, Notes and Carplay apps, to make them more customisable and personalised to the user. A "nearby" feature in maps will make it simple to find everything from a gas station to restaurants, coffee shops and more. CarPlay now has location based recommendations and a deeper tie with Apple Music's recommendations and new release features.