An advance clip of the finale released online prior to Monday night's episode in which Ben's mom Amy Higgins admitted she'd pick JoJo for her son after meeting the Final 2 bachelorettes.

"Mr. Bushnell, I love your daughter a lot and I am ready to make your daughter the happiest woman in the world, forever", he tells Lauren's dad from the altar. Mama Higgins, however, seemed to have found the idea of her son falling in love with two ladies at the same time off. Higgins asked, dropping to one knee.

Though Higgins told Fletcher he was in love with her, Bushnell is able to forgive him and move on.

Many fans were surprised and upset with his choice, but Higgins decided he loved Lauren more than Fletcher. "I couldn't be happier". Higgins struggled with his emotions, receiving no help from his family, nor any signs from above - it simply came down to the person he couldn't imagine living his life without and that ultimately helped make his decision.

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Though Ben said that his feelings for Jojo was "deeper than anything I've ever felt" and that she became his "best friend" after just two months. But, at the last minute, the producers dropped Caila and decided to make Jojo Fletcher the next Bachelorette. Lauren credited her fiancé for making the entire hard situation "so much easier" by being "such a good listener and so supportive".

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As for why he didn't take up 44-year-old host Chris Harrison's offer to have the couple married on the spot during After The Final Rose, Ben said, "Last night I knew wasn't what we hoped for". He told reporters in a conference call today that his focus in the near future is on Lauren, and the two of them establishing a normal life and a relationship. His mother wanted JoJo while father wanted Lauren. I think that's likely ... I think Reality Steve was hinting at this over the weekend, but since my boss doesn't accept "checking Bachelor spoilers" as a valid excuse for having my phone during work hours, I could not check to see if it was true.

"I'm still a flight attendant, so that's in the plans, but the great thing about my job is that it's so flexible", Bushnell says.