Tensions ran so high between protesters and Trump supporters that the candidate was forced to call off the rally after all.

Trump on Sunday suggested he is considering covering the legal fees of a man who allegedly blind-sided a protester with a jab last week during a rally in Fayetteville, N.C. The president said he disagrees with Ryan on most aspects of policy, but admitted, "I don't have a bad thing to say about you as a man".

In Louisville, five people have filed criminal charges against Trump supporters who they alleged shoved, punched and kicked them. But Sanders, along with Trump's Republican rivals, have noted that Trump adds caustic rhetoric about immigration, drawing protesters who end up clashing with his supporters.

In a recent press release, Chicago police indicated three local men and a 45-year-old woman from MI were arrested in connection with protest violence on the campus of the University of IL.

Trump blamed Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders for the fighting.

McConnell also criticized Trump earlier this month after he would not immediately disavow the KKK and its former leader, David Duke. His Republican opponents see those contests in Ohio, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina and Missouri as their big chance to keep Donald Trump from getting the delegates he needs to clinch the GOP nomination.

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Trump's rally in Chicago was cancelled on Friday because of the threat of violence. The majority of respondents, who say the confrontations won't have an impact, includes Trump's stalwart supporters - but it's equally likely to comprise people who never meant to vote for him in the first place.

"I know it's a radical idea", he said, mocking the criticism made of him, "but maybe we want to rebuild the water system in Flint, Mich. Maybe we want to rebuild roads, bridges and rail systems rather than rebuilding the infrastructure of Iraq or Afghanistan".

Both Democratic candidates received the chance to fire back and set Trump straight during the Ohio Democratic Town Hall held Sunday.

Anti-Trump protesters outside the Kentucky International Convention Center say Trump is spreading hate and division.

"Many of these people come from Bernie [Sanders]."

McConnell said he used the call as an opportunity to urge Trump to condemn violence at his rallies, which have erupted lately with fights between protesters and supporters.