Torn between the two women he loves, Ben brings both to meet his parents. Try telling your wife or girlfriend that you professed your love to another woman who you then took to the fantasy suite, but it's cool because you love her more.

Lauren Bushnell, who has been engaged to Ben Higgins for four months now, said she has no doubts at all about her current relationship with the Higgins family. Ben's mom keyed in on the fact that both Ben and JoJo referred to each other as best friends during separate conversations with her. The fact that Ben told his mom JoJo always put him at ease and made him feel like everything would be okay, sealed the deal.

Lauren revealed that Ben admitted everything about JoJo right after his romantic proposal so that there wouldn't be any surprises. Viewers immediately assumed that they were filming an introduction package for "The Bachelorette". Do you believe that Quinn should have gotten the gig or Jojo? "Situations are going to come up that you don't know how to react and sometimes there's not a right or wrong answer and you just kind of have to go off your gut". "I didn't even know I was in consideration to be the next "Bachelor" until they called me", he said.

Speaking of JoJo, she, of course, came out and shared a tiny loveseat with her ex.

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"It never did", Ben insisted. Ben followed his heart. Seeing them posing for the cameras made me think of this Tweet I read last night.

Higgins asked, dropping to one knee. And just like this season's second runner-up, Caila Quinn, seeing Ben and Lauren B.'s connection helped JoJo get over her heartache. "I'm excited to spend life with Lauren".

Ben ultimately chose to be with Lauren and she accepted his engagement ring. "I want to find the person who will complete me and who will love me as much as I love him". In the website of "The Bachelor", Fletcher takes it as her responsibility to show her pride on cultural differences.

While there are no concrete details for the wedding as of yet, the couple shared that they have already started talking about it. "We talked this morning on the plane, I would love to do 2016, early 2017", said Higgins. It happened with Sean Lowe, it happened with Chris Soules, and we know that Juan Pablo Galavis was asked only for producers to go in another direction after it was deemed that he was not popular with fans.