Today's news follows yesterday's announcement that Google would be opening 12 more regions of data centers around the world.

Google's launch of the service follows the launch of the Cloud Vision API recently. The company has been reported to offer an attractive pricing, as low as $25 per user, in a bid to attract new customers and support mid-sized companies to transition from AWS or Azure.

Reiterating what he has said before, Hölzle said during the press conference that cloud and IT services have the potential to become a much bigger business than online ads for Google, since the addressable market is "much larger".

First up, Google has announced Cloud Machine Learning, which the company hopes will "take machine learning mainstream", and give data scientists and developers "a way to build a new class of intelligent applications".

Google also highlighted some new big customers, inviting Coca-Cola CTO Alan Boehme and Spotify's VP of infrastructure Nicholas Harteau on stage to talk about their use of its cloud services.

Greene, formerly of VMware Inc. started with the company last November.

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"This is the next transformation" in the technology industry, said Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google parent company Alphabet.

The expansion will boost the speed of Google's Cloud Platform services in certain regions.

Google lags far behind Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft in the cloud infrastructure market, and at least part of that was due to having a cloud data center network that wasn't as extensive, said John Dinsdale, a chief analyst and research director at Synergy Research Group told InformationWeek. The remaining 10 regions will be rolled out over the next year to 18 months.

We see this public cloud competition as likely to accelerate the overall move to adopt the public cloud by businesses as pricing potentially improves.

"Google is on a drive to help fix that - in addition to increasing its corporate focus on the cloud market". Apple reportedly bought land in China and Hong Kong to build out its own data centers after learning Microsoft's Azure - now used to service almost all of iTunes - won't be able to handle Apple's growing workloads in the future.

Google's core has always been based on machine learning and cloud.