Yes, there are two games that you can play on Facebook Messenger.

Can't get enough March Madness? This isn't your mom's Farmville or Candy Crush, folks.

Once sent, press the ball, and be transported away from your conversation to a wonderful world where just a white screen, a basketball, and a hoop. The user has to just hold his/her finger on the basketball and point it towards the basket to shoot in that direction.

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The next step involves the user to tap the emoji icon to start playing the game. If the user scores a point, then the victory is celebrated by the messenger with the help of emojis. It doesn't take a lot of skill or brains to play it, but it can get addictive at times so there should be a word of warning before you flick your first basketball. If you cross 30 points, the difficulty level will be extreme, as your boss got mad on the meeting. We're not sure though, we didn't get that far!

Facebook Messenger might be the number one messenger application till last Saturday, until Facebook introduces Basketball mini-game in its mobile application.

Noooo. In these dire situations when you feel that you are sinking into the abyss of boredom even if you are in social media and is active in your group, Facebook messenger comes to your rescue with its newest update.