On the 21st of March 2016, Facebook made it known that it would not support Blackberry 10 devices starting sometime later this year. According to the social media company, the two tech giants had a great run in the past, but BlackBerry's operating system (BBOS) is not capable of providing the latest features that are needed for Mark Zuckerburg's social network platforms.

The Canadian phone maker had previously announced it would be releasing additional Android phones during 2016, and users can take some respite from the fact their Android-based devices will support most apps, including Facebook's. While the Facebook app is still available for download on BlackBerry's app store, users have been complaining this week that the app is now redirecting them to a browser. But they won't be able to use any of the more advanced features of the app and likely won't receive updates in the future.

Facebook's decision comes as BlackBerry begins to look beyond its own operating system. He added that fans can let WhatsApp and Facebook know how disappointed they are by posting on social media with the tag #IloveBB10Apps. However, it does reflect the declining popularity of BlackBerry phones, which once dominated the smartphone market. Nevertheless, the development could lead other app developers to join Facebook in abandoning the platform, leading to a precipitous drop in functionality. The matter was revealed through a blog post by Lou Gazzola, BlackBerry's senior marketing manager for developer relations.

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BlackBerry OS users can continue using Facebook and Facebook Messenger until the end of the year. Blackberry said on their blog that they would be working to meet the needs for Blackberry users.

Gazzola says Facebook is cutting off support for its "essential APIs", meaning BlackBerry's third-party apps will cease functioning. Instead, it provides developer access for BlackBerry to make an official Facebook app. Microsoft does something similar for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile. BlackBerry said it is "extremely disappointed" that Facebook is withdrawing from its proprietary platform.

BlackBerry is doing everything it can to ensure their many BlackBerry customers have the best OS and apps possible.