Their fears that Jay is actually Zoom are confirmed when Cisco (Carlos Valdes) vibes and uncovers the truth. What makes this reveal so emotionally effective is that it represents the second time that Barry has found himself betrayed by someone he considered a friend and a mentor, following the betrayal by Wells last season. And so far, only The Flash is capable of traversing multiple universes. Instead, they come up with the latest useless diversion that they think is the best use of her and Candice Patton's time. It's clear that learning Jay is Zoom has devastated Barry, perhaps deeper than learning Wells was the Reverse Flash - or, at the very least, just as deeply. Team Flash pieces it together: V-9 causes the blue lightning, which indicates a sick speedster.

Check out the cool behind-the-scenes pics below, and let us know if you're looking forward to the Supergirl episode "Worlds Finest" March 28 on CBS.

During a Supergirl set visit, Entertainment Weekly spoke with the highly anticipated episode's stars, Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin, as well as executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, who revealed more exciting details about the crossover's storyline.

In the end Barry tried to save Eliza from her drug addiction but she refused to listen.

Team Flash's night off is interrupted by Trajectory, a mystery speedster with no loftier goal than petty theft.

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Welcome back to my weekly review and recap of The Flash. Or is the public inherently suspicious of all metahumans?

This episode certainly should be fun, but it's also going to be a delicate balancing act for Barry to learn more without doing anything that is going to disrupt his future.

Meanwhile, Jessie chafes at her father's efforts to overprotect her. She discovers the lengths he would go to in order to do so, and it disturbs her. She eventually decides to leave S.T.A.R. Labs and explore Earth-1 on her own. However, it's her reliance on the Velocity Nine that Caitlin created and how it's played as a legitimate and debilitating addiction that makes her so compelling.

Trajectory's presence also triggers a subplot for Iris, as her new boss at Picture News, Scott Evans (Tone Bell), harbors a distinctly J. Jonah Jameson-esque suspicion of the Flash and assigns her to write an article blaming him for the speedster crime spree. This new info explains why Zoom is so desperate to steal Barry's speed and opens up a whole load of new possibilities for the show and keeps us guessing. While I can see people making fun of the ending moment as Barry screams into the river below him, I saw it as a perfectly in character moment.