"For the rest of [her] life". But the unsavory cherry on top came when Saldana quoted Nina Simone on Twitter and received a nasty response from the "I Put A Spell On You" singer's verified account.

RLJ Entertainment founder and Chairman Robert L Johnson said Saldana, who is of Puerto Rican and Dominican ethnicity, should not be judged on her colour, but on her performance as Simone in "Nina".

"It's unfortunate that Zoe Saldana is being attacked so viciously when she is someone who is part of a larger picture", she told Time. However, Simone Kelly, like many members of the Simone family, remained critical of the biopic itself.

The account is described in its official bio as being the "Official Twitter for the Estate & Legacy of Dr. Nina Simone #ninasimone Pianist, singer, songwriter, activist, icon, mother".

When the movie's poster and trailer were released in early March, Simone fans were angered to see Saldana made up in what looked uncomfortably close to blackface and sporting a prosthetic nose, approximating the appearance of a woman she doesn't particularly resemble.

In an interview with Time, Lisa Simone Kelly said that she was unsure who wrote the tweet and defended the actress. "And Nina, in my opinion, doesn't do any of that".

Upon watching the trailer, she "didn't feel much of anything except for poor Zoe", she says.

"The movie is about a relationship between my mother and Clifton that never took place". They never had an amorous relationship.

But while Kelly did not seem to agree with the criticism of Saldana, she laid into the film, saying that the "project has been tainted from the very beginning".

However, Simon Kelly's main issue with the film is around the plot, which she explains is based on a fictional relationship between her mother and her manager, Clifton Henderson - who she claims was actually gay.

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