Vice President Joe Biden speaking during a roundtable discussion in Denver on July 21, 2015.

Biden's visit will begin on Saturday in the UAE, after which the vice president will visit Israel and the West Bank on Monday, later continuing on to Jordan.

Most of the tensions have surrounded the different approaches towards the nuclear deal signed by world powers and Iran, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vocally objecting to the agreement, calling it a "historic mistake", but the USA stood by the agreement.

Biden will also meet with Jordan's King Abdullah in Amman to discuss the fight against the Islamic State and the Syrian conflict, the White House added.

Desh-se nahi, Desh-mein Azadi: Kanhaiya takes on the system
One phrase, where he stated he wanted "freedom in India as opposed to freedom from India" caught public attention everywhere. Defining his idea of politics, Kanhaiya said, "Politics has two centres - one in parliament and another on the streets".

Other regional issues, such as fighting in neighboring Syria and including Turkey in a regional Mediterranean bloc, are also expected to be on the agenda.

Despite Israel's procurement of $6.2 billion in total annual aid from the U.S., the Tel Aviv regime is now seeking a new 10-year agreement worth $5 billion in annual military aid with Washington. The White House says that this is because they do not believe either side is willing to make the compromises necessary to restart the failed peace talks.

The Israeli minister said he appreciates the strong military and intelligence cooperation between the two countries, and called the United States Israel's "strongest ally".

The Israeli army, for its part, said the general's visit was aimed at strengthening ties between Israel and the US, especially in terms of military cooperation. "His arrival will include leaving the plane, a red carpet and handshakes".