But last night's successes were more along the lines of moral victories that will help with bragging rights and fundraising, not the kind of wins that leave Sanders well positioned to compete for the nomination.

Bernie Sanders upset Hillary Clinton on Tuesday in Colorado's Democratic presidential caucuses, a nonbinding poll that nevertheless gives the Vermont senator an important boost in his quest for the Democratic nomination.

The Democratic contests award delegates in proportion to the vote, meaning that even the loser wins some delegates.

DFLers have 93 delegates to the Democratic National Convention; 77 will be allocated according to the Tuesday caucus results.

Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign raised $30 million in the month of February, the campaign announced Wednesday, less than what Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign brought in for the month. The problem with that argument, though, is that Oklahoma isn't almost as far out of his wheelhouse as he wants you to think.

"It was a close election", Sanders said sarcastically. Clinton strongly prevailed among Hispanics and African-Americans, according to exit polls conducted for The Associated Press and television networks by Edison Research. And while Trump won more than six in 10 of this group, Cruz dominated among the four in 10 voters who preferred experience in a candidate. That count includes so-called superdelegates, party leaders who are not bound by primary results and can side with the candidate of their choosing. "Trying to divide America between "us" and "them" is wrong and we're not going to let it work". Sanders, by contrast had led among all voters under age 45 in the first three contests of the year, in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada.

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Using graphics to illustrate the figures, Fox moderator Chris Wallace also pressed Mr Trump on whether his planned savings added up.

But Clinton's narrow win came in part due to stronger support among women and older voters, and she also led among those whose annual incomes were $50,000 or more. She won by landslide margins in big southern states including Texas, Virginia and Georgia.

Bernie Sanders carried two states, Oklahoma and his home state of Vermont while Clinton cruised to victory in more populous states, including Texas, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Arkansas. More than half of liberals chose Clinton over Sanders.

Sanders rapidly built support in recent weeks by appealing to young adults and many independents who had to register as Democrats by January 4 to participate in the Democratic caucuses.

"Her domestic knowledge, her worldwide knowledge, her ability to connect with people, her wide-ranging education and experiential background makes her on Day 1 ready for that job", she said.

Instead, GOP caucus-goers will be declaring their preferences for state and local races, including several candidates hoping to challenge Democratic U.S. Sen. Sanders did better than many expected, and he booked an overwhelming win in his home state of Vermont.

Spirits were high Tuesday night in the Whiskey Priest bar on the South Boston waterfront, where Hillary Clinton supporters gathered to watch election returns.