In two separate filings made through the law firm Ranjit Singh & Yeoh, the next-of-kin alleged that the passengers have been presumed dead and that MAS was liable for their deaths under the Carriage by Air Act 1974 and/or the Civil Law Act 1956.

"I'd say it was a very lucky discovery if it turns out to be from Malaysia 370", said Gibson, who was wearing a black T-shirt that read "MH370 Search On".

Ms Keen called Mr Gibson a modern-day Indiana Jones, and said he undertook what he referred to as "quests".

Australian Transport Minister Darren Chester said the debris was approximately one metre (three feet) long.

The lawyer from Seattle may have discovered what could be a piece of tail section from Flight MH370 that disappeared March 8, 2014 with 239 people aboard.

Dr Pattiaratchi said the area now being searched in the Indian Ocean was chosen based on the last known transmissions of the flight.

Australia's search chief Martin Dolan said he still held out hope of finding MH370 as an end to the hard underwater hunt edges closer with the scouring of more than 85,000 (32,818 square miles) of a designated 120,000 square kilometres zone complete.

Gibson said in an interview with the AP on Thursday that he initially thought the piece that he and the boat operator found was from a small plane, and not from the missing airliner.

He said that he had come to Mozambique as part of a dream to see every country in the world.

Spain seizes 20000 uniforms meant for IS, Nusra Front
A statement from the Spanish police said the uniforms would have been "enough to equip an entire army". The New York Times reported that five of the seven people were Spanish citizens.

A hunk of suspected aircraft wreckage found off the east African coast will be sent to Australia where experts will examine whether it is a new piece in the puzzle of missing flight MH370, officials said Thursday.

"I did not bring this public and wanted this to stay quiet until it was in the hands of investigators and they were able to make a determination, but the story got ahead of itself", he said.

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Despite there not being a "specific date of arrival" for the piece of debris, the spokesperson told Xinhua that representatives from Malaysia as well as Boeing would also by flying to Australia to assist with the investigation. "What matters is what the experts say when they investigate it".

Oleg and Sergii had an annual income of US$2 million (RM8,256,715), as such, they were seeking general damages, compensation for loss of financial support, special damages, costs and other relief deemed fit by the court.

A multimillion-dollar search operation has been ongoing for almost two years in a remote part of the southern Indian Ocean, with no concrete clues as to what happened to the Boeing 777-200 aircraft.

Also, the part appears to be very flat and barnacles need something to grip, he said.

As well as Mozambique, Mr Gibson has travelled to Myanmar and the Maldives as part of his search efforts. "The question we will have to establish to the best of our ability is what level of energy was involved in the aircraft colliding with the water to have led to the separation of the part".