Of note, the state department, secret service and representatives for Donald Trump have declined to respond to media overtures for comment.

An Egyptian formerly enrolled at a Southern California flight school is being held by federal authorities and faces deportation after posting on Facebook that he would be willing to serve a life sentence for killing Donald Trump, and that he would be doing the world a favor.

Elmadeldin Esayed, a 23 year-old student training to be a pilot in Los Angeles, shared a post in February in which he suggested that he would be willing to serve a life sentence for killing Donald Trump, and that the world would thank him for it.

"It is unfortunate that the immigration judge did not see that Emad's placement in removal proceedings came after law enforcement failed to file and sustain criminal charges against Emad, and therefore resorted to punishing him in different way", he said. "The rhetoric is particularly high in this election, and I just feel he got caught up in the middle". The flight school revoked his visa after the incident and that's why he's in jail awaiting a hearing.

Bushra said Elsayed's Facebook message was in response to Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric and was accompanied by an article on the issue.

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"He is just a kid who did something stupid", attorney said. "You can find thousands of these every hour on Facebook and the media", Elsayed told the Associated Press Thursday from jail in Orange.

Bushra said the owner of Universal Air Academy in El Monte expelled his client, giving immigration officials the authority to kick Elsayed out of the country as that was the basis for his visa. He has vowed to build a wall along the entire Mexican border and has called for temporarily banning Muslims from entering the country. He was arrested by immigration authorities. The agency would not provide further details.

Alex Khatib, owner of Universal Air Academy, said he knows little about the case except that federal agents showed up at his school to interview and later detain Elsayed. "They literally had him terminated from the flight school while the government agents were in the room".

Elsayed, originally from Cairo, has said he would like to complete his studies in the United States but if that is not possible he will seek a refund and use the money for an education elsewhere.

"He has paid $41,000 in tuition and all he wants is some kind of reprieve to get his belongings, sell his auto and talk to the school owner about getting reimbursed", he said.