And Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver argued that his Super Tuesday victories - Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Vermont - demonstrate Sanders can win among Latino voters and in rural areas.

Like millions of young voters nationwide, Cronk has been electrified by Sanders' longshot bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

But the anti-Trump forces have a short window of about two weeks for stopping the caustic businessman, who has accumulated 319 of the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination at July's Republican national convention, outpacing second-place rival Ted Cruz, a US senator from Texas, who has 226 delegates.

This "empathy gap" propelled President Obama past Mitt Romney in 2012 and almost allowed socialist Sen.

When pressed by Costello about his comments that Sanders is "insensitive" to the needs of African-Americans, Simmons said, "He's insensitive in a number if ways, and I would get into it if we have time". "The Clintons don't really stand in that position very well".

Marco Rubio won the Democratic and Republican presidential primaries in Alexandria's 28 precincts on Super Tuesday, both by healthy margins.

Fox News hasn't hosted a Democratic debate since 2004. "What you're seeing is the millennial generation has essentially seceded from the Democratic establishment".

"In the USA she condemns it but when she's in India she says it has benefitted many parts of our country".

"The real question is was she right to support NAFTA?".

Massive crowds are an advantage for Bernie Sanders, his press secretary Symone Sanders tells KMTV.

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Thus, if Mrs. Clinton is the nominee, she will have to defend the administration's record there, too - including the record $19 trillion (and rising) national debt and the shortcomings of the Affordable Care Act. Hillary Clinton spoke favorably about the TPP 45 times. You look at Detroit. Carson had drawn support from evangelical voters, a group that has also been a stronghold of Cruz.

In fact, Cruz called on the rest of the GOP field to "prayerfully" consider dropping out of the race during his election-night speech.

"I think she's experienced, she understands the challenges both domestically and in the world", Warner said in an interview.

Case in point: While Rubio denounced the crisis as a "systemic breakdown at every level of government", he actually praised Michigan Gov. Rick Synder (R) - the person most likely responsible for the crisis - for taking responsibility for the crisis. "She changes her opinions based on what's politically expedient". The bank, which helps finance US companies' exports into foreign markets and claims credit for supporting 109,000 jobs in 2015, has been a political flashpoint on Capitol Hill in recent years.

The GOP front-runner tells his supporters: "After making this huge U-turn to Kansas, if I lose, I'm going to so angry at you".

Michelle Williams, 20, a natural resources student, didn't pay attention to politics until the hashtag #FeeltheBern began popping up in her social media feeds. And she won the night's biggest toss-up, narrowly defeating Sanders in MA.

"Clinton is the only candidate in this race with a comprehensive agenda to create jobs, revitalise manufacturing communities, and break down barriers for small businesses to start and grow", she said. "She's weird", Williams said.

Also stumping for Hillary Clinton that day were U.S. Representatives Gerry Connolly (D-11) and Don Beyer (D-8).

Some Republicans were frustrated that the party chose to wait on the presidential race. "To see how quickly the gap is increasing is kind of scary", he said.

Clinton's proposals, however, soon came under scrutiny.