However, for customers who do not possess either the Echo or the new Fire TV edition but are interested in placing preorders for the new Amazon Echo Dot "smart" speaker, a loophole in the preordering process has been discovered by Localytics product manager Dwight Churchill.

Amazon has been a company which has been making quite the news this year.

Say "Alexa, order an Echo Dot", and Alexa will use the default payment method and shipping address saved in your 1-Click settings.

Once Alexa finds the Echo Dot, either confirm or cancel your order. The Echo Dot is now only available in the U.S. "Alexa will even listen if you have a Vivint home automation system".

Echo Dot is an Echo without the big speaker housing.

The Amazon Tap is a new portable speaker that connects to WiFi and Bluetooth, you can see more details about the two devices below. And if you're a startup married to or totally invested with the IoT, then be very anxious; the tech giant is pounding hard in here just to become the "king" of IoT.

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The Amazon Echo Do is a voice controlled device that is created to work like the Amazon Echo, although the device appears to be smaller than the Echo. It can however connect to a larger speaker via Bluetooth or with the audio output located at the back of the device.

Search for the Echo Dot. It's also $100 cheaper than an Echo. In the kitchen, Dot can be your timer or your grocery list. The integration will allow Nest users to give out commands to Alexa when they need to turn the temperature up or down. The only issue will be getting your hands on one. In order to use the device, users have to press the Echo Go button and connect the speaker to the Internet using Alexa.

An Amazon Prime membership or the 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime. Amazon has set its sights on conquering the smart home sector and the Dot may actually help them achieve their aim. It is a pretty genius way of pushing consumers to use the Voice Shopping.

The Dot is now $89.99, but we can't be sure that price will hold. If I wanted an Amazon Tap, I would only have to wait to the end of the month-and pay $130. It was available to Prime members only, through an invitation-only buying scheme, for a reduced cost.

The Amazon Tap - Considered to be the "younger and cooler" sibling of the Amazon Echo, the Amazon Tap comes in as a fresh breath of air.