The feud culminated in the week leading up to the February 1 Iowa caucuses, when Trump announced he would boycott the January 28 Fox News debate in Des Moines over the network's treatment of him and would instead hold a rival event to benefit veterans.

It was, in some respects, nearly a payback performance by Kelly, whom Trump has savaged since the first Republican debate during the summer. Thursday night's 11th GOP debate in Detroit was their first time together on TV since then.

Over the course of his answer, he also mentioned "an interview with a great friend of mine, and yours, Howard Stern"-a thinly veiled reference to Kelly's 2010 interview with Howard Stern in which she discussed her breasts and her sex life with her husband, which many Trump defenders cited in the wake of their previous dispute".

POLITICO talked to insiders who said a convention fight would be the only way to stop Trump.

Forcefully challenging Trump's contentions that Trump University, his online education initiative, was on the up-and-up, Kelly rattled the frontrunner with her persistent line of questioning. Trump had objected to having Kelly as a moderator, and walked away after Fox issued what he deemed to be disrespectful comments defending her participation. The pair haven't spoken since the first debate; he has appeared on several Fox News programs since then but not her primetime program. Trump said he still plans to build a wall and will be hard on illegal immigrants, noting, "Look at our borders, they're like Swiss cheese".

"The point I'm going for is you've changed your tune on so many things, and that has some people saying: what is his core?" she asked.

Tennis historian Collins dies at 86
It was Evert who walked off the court after one particularly tough loss at Wimbledon and said, "Nice trousers , Bud". Collins is survived by his wife Anita Ruthling Klaussen , eight children and stepchildren and 11 grandchildren.

Fox News then cut to a screen shot of the US appeals court ruling, with a quote reading, "victims of con artists sing the praises of their victimizers until they realize they have been fleeced". The night after the debate, Trump said Kelly had "blood coming out of her wherever", sparking outrage, though Trump denied he was talking about Kelly's menstrual cycle.

Telecast live from the FOX Theatre in downtown Detroit, the debate ranks as the fourth-highest primary debate in history. In doing so, they delivered a striking blow to a movement of Republican elites seeking to reject Trump under any circumstances.

"First time the question had been put to me, it was very early on, the migration had just started, and I had heard that the number was a very, very small number", Trump said. "People are saying, what is his true core?"

"I have never seen a successful person that doesn't have some degree of flexibility", he said. "You have to be flexible because you learn". Trump has advocated a complete ban on immigration to the Muslims.

"You know what?" Trump said.