His statement Friday follows an open letter written by leaders in the Republican foreign policy and national security committee pledging to oppose Trump's candidacy, in part, because of his "embrace of the expansive use of torture", and other controversial views.

If Republicans want an experienced, pragmatic conservative to lead their party and the nation, Gov. John Kasich of OH says he is the one.

"As has been his strategy, Kasich emphasized his congressional and executive credentials and experience - "I don't need on-the-job training" - rather than wading into the insults".

The debate comes ahead of Tuesday's MI primary for both the Republicans and the Democrats. "Instead, he seemed to be holding his own private event at the side of the stage, ignoring the fighting next to him and trying to speak directly to voters". "GOP pollster Frank Luntz repeatedly tweeted that his Republican focus group thought Kasich was winning the debate and that Rubio's attacks on Trump were failing".

The Michigan primary is just one week away and the candidates are making their last push in campaign efforts across the state. He not only avoided taking punches or delivering low blows, but also managed to deflect some of the cheap shots built into the questions asked by the moderators.

Candidates have crisscrossed the state for the last few days, .

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Manchester United did not qualify in 2014 and Chelsea , who won the trophy in 2012, are unlikely to qualify this season. An Arsenal spokesman said: "Discussions were primarily around the ICC and formats of European competitions".

Rubio says media highlights trump...

The delegate math suggests he will not be the nominee, but Sander's said he thinks he has a path toward victory.

What Trump said: He called Romney "a failed candidate" who begged for his endorsement in 2012.

"Obviously, I'm going to disavow that", he said.

The Ohio Governor told the crowd at the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Warren about his family and faith, made his strongest comments about ISIS and radical Islam, and had a message for Senator Ted Cruz. "I guarantee you, there's not problem with that", Trump said.