TINA FEY has joked she rejected RYAN GOSLING and all the Hemsworth brothers for the love interest role in her new movie.

As we learn, war journalists and photographers get easily caught up in the adrenaline of wartime, but Kim finds it more and more hard to get her stories on air, setting up one of WTF's most important messages: that our soldiers overseas should never be forgotten even when there's juicier news. The cast surrounding Fey provides some good support, most notably Christopher Abbott as her guide, Fahim. "For me, it was about these people and these relationships".

It's based on a barbed memoir by Kim Barker called "The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days In Afghanistan And Pakistan". Since then, we've been treated to a string of films that, frankly, felt beneath Fey: "Baby Mama", "Date Night", "Sisters", "Admission". She's offered the chance to be a war correspondent and get some air time (she merely wrote copy for the newscasters previously). And I could play this part.

"I feel like I'm way more chicken than Kim". It's a real bit of military jargon I came across. Kim is a real risk taker.

"I was simply using myself as a vehicle to tell the story of intervention in Afghanistan in the five years that I was over there", says Barker.

I think I'm too dumb to think that far ahead.

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Oh, absolutely, and look - the movie is very much about, at the center of this war, is a bunch of dumb westerners who...

Kim Baker (the "r" is dropped for her character name) is bored riding the same treadmill each day after a boring work day in a cubicle in New York City. "Seriously. It's like I was not traveled at all, and I did not know what I was getting into at all". "I just found it fascinating, the weird mix of Kim having this freeing, wild experience privately, in the middle of a place where women are so oppressed". Fey's longtime writing and producing partner, Robert Carlock, wrote the screenplay, and though the two have teamed up on numerous TV projects ("Unbreakable Kimmy Schidt", "30 Rock", "SNL", the Golden Globes), this their first movie project together.

"WTF" makes only cursory attempts at examining the geopolitical consequences of America's involvement in Afghanistan.

There was some flak about racism and the film not hiring Afghans to play the part of Afghans.

"I'd like to say, we're both smart and self-deprecating, and I think we have a similar sense of humour", says Barker. She did comment that she knew the flak would fall on primarily her shoulders. "Everyone does it." Later, when Stern asked her flat-out whether or not the rumors of a Mean Girls musical were true, Fey replied, "Yes!" You hopefully have some sort of friendship with the audience.

"Everyone loves the troops", a TV producer tells Baker, but no one wants to see them on TV anymore. The balancing act between family and work is a fine story, but it's to "Whiskey's" credit that it's not the story Baker is after. "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" just doesn't get the mission accomplished.