Although there is no word yet as to exactly what was or is wrong with Mama June Shannon, she has been hospitalized until things can be determined. She regained consciousness, but ended up fainting several more times.

A rep for Mama June talked to People and said that Mama June passed out after walking down the stairs in her home.

She then fainted again and daughter Pumpkin drove her to hospital.

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In a photo, Shannon, 36, lies in her hospital bed while her daughter, by her side wearing a pink and grey sweatshirt, smiles for the camera. It is believed that June is still at the hospital awaiting the results of her tests. Although the show has since been cancelled, Mama June has still been a part of the public eye. However, she admitted that she also has to undergo a fat freezing procedure for her "stubborn" double chin. The reason? She was reportedly dating a man who had been convicted of child molestation, as per Us Weekly.

Shannon most recently appeared on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, where she is attempting to come to terms with her husband Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson's infidelity.

Is it possible that extreme weight loss is the reason for Mama June's collapse?