But a year ago against Rafael Dos Anjos he was unrecognisable and looked like he wasn't interested. Take out the strap, it's still the numbers life.

But there is no doubt that a potential fight between the two high-profile stars would be a ratings and pay-per-view bonanza. The attendance. Everything keeps rising.

Co-headlining the event is a bantamweight title fight between champion Holly Holm and challenger Miesha Tate. I personally see it going the way of McGregor simply because Diaz's ego will want to stand and strike instead of doing the smart thing and taking it the to the ground, McGregor will pick him apart and win by 4th round TKO. "Why not? Who cares about the belts, it's the money fights". The fighters agreed to a welterweight limit of 170 pounds. He's now looking to add multiple UFC titles to his stash. White said he would have to give it up, of course.

While this wasn't the original matchup, or even the replacement main event, this fight brings extreme intrigue with it. It is unprecedented for a fighter to move up weight classes as much as McGregor has, so if he can get a shot against Lawler, that would definitely be worth watching.

The Irishman has proven his skill at 145 pounds, ruling the featherweight division with Jose Aldo as a concrete example. It's impressive, it's fun. I love competition, I love fighting. After about a five-second staredown, McGregor used his left hand to chop Diaz's right away from his face. There were many, many options but in reality, lots of people pretended they wanted the fight until the fight actually presented itself. I'll ride into Stockton and take everyone out.

"Part of me wants to stretch it out to show that, and to show the fans some new sequences, some new movements, some new forms of attack and defence".

McGregor truly believes the opponent doesn't matter, particularly when it comes to the bottom line.

Fox gets 16.9 million viewers for GOP debate
This, as evidenced by poll numbers, has not worked, and, last week, Florida Senator Marco Rubio chose to fight fire with fire. I guess loyalty is only a one-way street where you must be loyal to some group but they owe you nothing.

"Everybody thinks this is a walk-over fight, and it's not".

Conor said: "I feel he is repetitive and his foot patterns - he's nearly stuck in his routine".

When an audience member compared him to Muhammad Ali, McGregor thanked him for the praise but dismissed any suggestion that they were on the same level. "Who was 2015? That was everything to do with me. All the channels, all the platforms, the numbers continue to rise". All the numbers continue to rise.

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"Again, I am honoured to even be put in that bracket again".

"The 30-year-old Diaz holds a size advantage over McGregor, standing at 6'0", with a 76-inch reach.

"You're like a gazelle. I'm a lion", McGregor said to Diaz on the dais Thursday.