Organisers estimated that "many tens of thousands" of people had braved cold weather to join the protest, which they hope will deter the government from renewing the nuclear weapons system.

"We're totally mystified why they could spend so much public money on something that is totally useless", said Dalley, who was arrested outside the USA embassy in the 1970s during an anti-nuclear-missile protest.

Many waved placards with phrases including "Books Not Bombs", "Cut War Not Welfare" and "NHS Not Trident".

The Ministry of Defense estimates that acquiring four new submarines for the Tridents will cost £31 billion over the course of the 20-year program.

Britain now has 4 submarines in its Trident fleet, at least one of which is on patrol somewhere in the oceans 24 hours a day.

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Corbyn has begun a review of Labour's pro-Trident policy, led by shadow defence secretary Emily Thornberry.

Meanwhile, activists have been calling for total nuclear disarmament, saying the billions of pounds should be spent on other causes, such as education, healthcare and climate protection rather than on weapons of mass destruction. You don't achieve peace by planning for war ... and not respecting ... human rights.

"Today's demonstration is an expression of many people's opinions and views".

She confirmed the SNP would be making Trident a political issue at forthcoming elections. "Trident should not be renewed, Trident should be scraped", she said. It is the exception to the rule to possess nuclear weapons, let that ring out loudly and clearly. However, I cannot respect the moral cowardice of a Labour party which can't decide what it believes in any more.

Labour MP Toby Perkins told The Sun that it was "a insane and offensive thing to say", adding: "There is no credible comparison between a self-defence nuclear deterrent and the gas chambers, which were not a weapon of war but a method of slaughter".