But this year will be remembered, rightly, for its thorny racial politics and for the way that Rock, probably as well as anyone could, held the industry to account on its biggest night.

And that's exactly what above average basketball player Jeremy Lin did.

The most successful Academy Award hosts tend to be entertainers who are both insiders and outsiders-outside enough to take Hollywood down a peg but inside enough to know why the Oscars are worth caring about in the first place.

Rock's general statement of the evening seemed to be that "black people want oppor­tu­nities" in Hol­lywood, a point he hammered home, yet it was clear Rock neglected the fact that #Oscar­SoWhite movement included actors of all minorities. How many parents speak about not accepting gay people until they discover their own children are? There wasn't any mention of Latinos at all. "At 1:57 a "man on the street" finally mentions Asians & Hispanics. I feel like we are just so much more broad than that. if we can start branching out a little bit or at least showing that we are different than what other people think we are, maybe we can start to break down some of those walls".

He recognized that many people wanted him to quit as host in protest. We want the black actors to get the same opportunities.

Rock not only addressed child slave labor, but suggested Asians are the best at math skills.

Leaving the audience roaring with laughter, he joked: "Jada got mad, she said she's not coming. You're right", he said. "It's like, 'We like you, Rhonda, but you're not a Kappa'". Presenters represented a wide range of ethnic groups, from Sofia Vergara and Priyanka Chopra to Byung-hun Lee and Kevin Hart.

Apparently, diversity improvement does not extend to Asians for the Academy.

But there were some serious problems.

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And since the Knicks are no longer playing good basketball, they can't hide the bad story lines that inevitably surround the team. Last night's contest came down to the final possession, as the Knicks had the ball, down one, with 16 seconds left to play.

Instead of actual employees, three young Asian children dressed in suits and carrying briefcases were brought on stage and introduced by Rock as Ming Zu, Bao Ling and David Moskowitz.

"This will be the last night of an all-white Oscars", Sharpton said.

And in a joke montage, gags were inserted into some of this year's movies. The most-honored Hispanic film director in recent years hasn't helped much with current Hispanic underrepresentation onscreen.

But there was no ignoring the spectacle occurring at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood-even DuVernay peppered her Twitter feed with occasional references to That Other Event. Probability alone robs non-white actors of the chance to be nominated for an Oscar or any other award.

But if there is anything Hollywood hates nearly as much as not making money, it's being humiliated in public.

Rock then referred to the Oscars as the "White People's Choice Awards".

Chris Rock has mostly received positive reviews for his performance as host of the 2016 Academy Awards.

Commenting on why this year, in particular, caused such a stir at the Academy, Rock cited the earlier years that undoubtedly featured not-so-diverse nominations.