Republican front runner Donald Trump made one of the most off-colour remarks of his party's 11 presidential debates on Thursday (March 3), in a veiled reference to his own genitals within minutes of the showdown's opening.

While Romney said that he will not vote for Trump in the general election, he said that he would not vote for Hillary Clinton if presented with that choice.

While Trump apologized for referring to Rubio as a "lightweight" before, he kept knocking Rubio as "little Marco" in another not-so-veiled attack at the other man. Are these small hands? "Are those small hands?"

Romney said on Friday morning that he gave the speech because "the time came when Donald Trump's outrage had reached such a level that I simply had to speak out".

You have to hand it to Donald Trump.

After going after Trump's supposed spray tan and joking that Trump was going to "make America orange", Rubio zoomed in on the Republican frontrunner's hands.

Using graphics to illustrate the figures, Fox moderator Chris Wallace also pressed Mr Trump on whether his planned savings added up.

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Mr Trump said the workers were for a short November-to-March season.

Trump's other main rival, Ted Cruz, is also holding on. "He is like 6ft 2ins (1.8m), which is why I do not understand why his hands are the size of someone who is 5ft 2ins".

"Frankly, if I win OH, we're probably gonna end up in a convention - a brokered convention - and then we're gonna find out who the adult is", Kasich said.

He said that Mr. Trump has told voters that he will betray them when he repeatedly said during the debate Thursday that as a deal-maker you "have to be flexible".

During the latest Republican TV debate, Mr Trump reacted, saying he was comfortable with the size of his hands - and another part of his anatomy.

Senator Ted Cruz repeatedly called on him to release the tapes of the New York Times off-the-record briefing in which he is reported to have said he was flexible on immigration.

Later, asked if he thought Trump was naive about Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Kasich responded, "I'm not biting". "You wrote her four checks".