"I think we can win the Premier League with the players we have".

Furthermore, Sanchez suggested that things have even deteriorated in the last 12 months.

Coupled with disappointing seasons so far for Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City - each who usually challenge for first place - Arsenal's pursuit of success has been strengthened by the presence of goalkeeper Petr Cech, a summer signing. "We can only look at ourselves to correct the results but everything went against us on Wednesday night".

Arsenal have only themselves to blame for the loss, this coming after a 2-0 loss in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League to Barcelona, the only chance Arsenal now have of any silverware is another FA Cup title waiting for them.

"Football is football, it is cruel sometimes".

"At the moment we don't dream, we have to be realistic and come back to what we do well".

"The problem we had to decide was before the game, but he declared himself 100 per cent fit".

"It's a big disappointment and we have to swallow that and bounce back".

Injured Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech said he has full confidence that his replacement David Ospina will do well in Saturday's north London derby against Tottenham Hotspur.

"I would like not to comment on that and I say to people what I think face-to-face", he said when asked if Henry's comments would make matters worse with restless fans. "I trust Ospina completely".

Clinton to campaign in North Carolina Thursday
Every voter is being asked for a photo ID, even if they've voted at the same precinct for years and the poll workers know them. Meanwhile, her husband, Bill Clinton, spent the day stumping for Hillary in metro Detroit .

"If they do lose then it's done, they're out of the title race".

This time, it is Alexis Sanchez, one of Arsenal's key players now.

"We don't have to put more pressure than there is".

"You have to keep it going".

"The mentality is great in the team".

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"Mentally we are strong enough and we are doing more than we were expected to at the start of the season".

"We pushed Andre Ayew out to the right and Wayne Routledge to the left and that just had the desired effect".

"But injuries happen to every team and there is no point complaining or feeling sorry for yourself".