Like other astronauts, he got taller in space, gaining 1 1/2 inches. Since astronauts in space don't really use the back and leg muscles to resist gravity and stand, these muscles actually lose mass and start to shrink.

Astronaut Scott Kelly on Friday told a press conference about his year-long adventure in space, including the time he defended the International Space Station from alien invaders. That's when the aches and pains set in.

Initially, he felt better than last time, but that quickly changed. "And it's not like you feel dirty, but I definitely wanted to jump in a pool", he said. "It's very, very sensitive, nearly like a burning sensation". "I think we can probably all answer that question for ourselves", Charles said.

"They might need a guy like me someday", he said. "He's squished back to normal height", Mark Kelly told reporters. "Even though I had a shower in Canada, I hadn't had running water for 340 days", he said.

"It's great to be back in Texas, on US soil... on planet Earth", he said. A banana he found on his bed aboard the plane. The space station is also home to a dark matter experiment and the RapidScat instrument used to monitor hurricanes.

Kelly and his colleagues traveled 144 million miles through space over the course of 11 months. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said in a press release that this data will help us "take one giant leap toward putting boots on Mars".

Now we have another American achievement and milestone in our space program: One of our countrymen has spent almost a year off of our planet.

He faces a greater risk of cancer than most earth-bound folks due to radiation exposure that's 20 times higher in space. Nearly half a liter of blood was drawn from Kelly during his mission, according to Charles.

"Gravity pushes you back down to size", he said.

Nasa aims to send a manned mission to Mars by 2035, a vast roundtrip journey that could take more than two years.

Scott Kelly also had some vision issues. NASA must wait until its commercial shipper SpaceX is delivering back and forth again - following a launch accident last summer - to get the scientific treasure trove, hopefully in May.

An emotional moment Kelly is having during first touching Earth again after a year. "We're not surprised he's made history becoming the first American astronaut to complete a full year in space and we're extremely proud of him". It's even possible for people on the ground to write things in an astronaut's field of view, Kelly said, literally pointing an astronaut in the right direction. We also received no additional information related to Kelly's year in space.

While it's amusing to think about astronauts "growing" in space, there are a number of physiological changes that occur in a condition of microgravity. And when he donned a gorilla suit and chased Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko through the space station, the video went viral. "I will always be involved".

The mayor said Kelly is remembered by many in town, noting the astronaut serves as an inspiration for local schoolchildren. They returned to Earth, along with Soyuz TMA-18M commander Sergey Volkov, late Tuesday U.S. time, landing on the steppe of Kazakhstan to close out their record mission. Well, it looks like Scott is stacking up pretty well.

Kelly is reuniting with his family in Houston, including his two daughters, his girlfriend, who is a NASA public affairs officer at the Johnson Space Center, and his sister-in-law, former Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who is Mark's wife.

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