Neither champion needed to take the fights they're facing, but neither betrays any sign of worry about stepping into the MGM Grand Garden Arena cage. It will be a big test of the interest level a major women's fight will get after Rousey is no longer in the sport. McGregor has repeatedly stated in interviews that he does not mind any sudden changes or a jump in weight, which is why the said fight against Diaz was made.

Break out your best Dr. Evil voice because the disclosed purse for mixed martial arts (MMA) sensation Conor McGregor at UFC 196 is an estimated $1 million, according to the Nevada State Athletic Commission (as reported by ESPN).

The UFC 196 early preliminaries have a start time of 7pm EST / 4pm PST, and will be televised on UFC Fight Pass. Watch these UFC 196 early prelims via live streaming at the official UFC website as well where the servers have been good at handling the load.

There mightn't be any titles up for grabs tonight for the Crumlin warrior but there's business to be attended to in the shape of Nate Diaz.

McGregor, who is coming off a swift victory over Jose Aldo at UFC 194, has never fought at welterweight, but he is still viewed as the favourite against the long-time lightweight.

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The weigh-in for the match was explosive, with McGregor and Diaz shouting expletives at each other as they stepped off the scales. "I've went up a weight class before and felt great".

Add to that, McGregor has said that he will eventually return to featherweight one day to defend his belt, but that means the title will be put on hold for several months until he decides to go back to 145 pounds. His entries and his exits, his retreats, his feints are all identical.

This Saturday night is not just a big show, but the ramifications of the two top fights greatly impact the potential of the two biggest fights in company history.

"It's a lot of weight but (McGregor) is smart enough with who he's fighting for his first fight at 170". "Part of me wants to stretch it out to show that, and to show the fans some new sequences, some new movements, some new forms of attack and defense".