The Saturday Night Live digital short starred Taran Killam, Vanessa Bayer, Bobby Moynihan, Aidy Bryant, Beck Bennett, and Kyle Mooney as the kind of American's who explain why they're voting for Trump.

"Saturday Night Live" has had an endless amount of material this season thanks to GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

In a spoof of the expression on the governor's face as Trump spoke at a press conference following the Super Tuesday primary, Moynihan's Christie stands in back of Darrell Hammond's Trump as he gives his victory speech. I've even got this fat piece of crap behind me now.

Next, "SNL" went not only after Trump, but all of his supporters, as well.

"P.S., America, I have a great big huge d*ck!" the SNL cast member playing Trump said.

The skit ends with text over the screen reading "Racists for Trump", as one of the fake voters brings firewood to a burning cross.

Until the camera zooms out revealing what the Trump supporting every day Americans are really doing.

"Some of his ideas seem a little out there, but I like that he's looking towards solutions", says one woman who has a bulletin board full of conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton being a secret Muslim. Three words: Good. At.

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