"That's the whole reason I wrote this book", she said. Turns out, she had some serious sway with that bit of casting.

When Kim finally gets clearance to ride along with a Marine unit, the first order the general (a deft Billy Bob Thornton) gives her is not to sleep with his soldiers (lending new meaning to the term "embedded"). In fact, without her, I don't think I would have found the film almost as enjoyable.

Whisky Tango Foxtrot features Christopher Abbott as her local Afghan guide and Alfred Molina as an Afghan lord who tries to get chummy with Tina's role Kim Baker.

"Journalists were still bringing up, 'People say women aren't amusing, '" she told the magazine.

"I felt like dark comedy and absurd humor was the only way I could put any sort of frame on the things I had seen over there", Barker told MPR News reporter Euan Kerr.

"Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" is a successful departure from Fey's traditional projects and sheds light on a topic that is often overlooked.

At one point, Kim refers to "the real world" as if Afghanistan was somehow a piquant detour, which might capture her own journey into the hothouse atmosphere of war reporting but also speaks volumes about the film's own solipsism.

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot isn't a great movie, but it is something rare and important: a woman's story of self-discovery - having nothing to do with her finding a husband - that has gotten room on the big screen.

The film has preview screenings beginning on Thursday evening, March 3 and opens wide in theaters across North America on Friday, March 4.

She also said if her 30 Rock character Liz Lemon could switch lives with anyone, it'd be Parks and Recreation's Leslie Knope because "power...and waffles". Through it all, Kim remains steadfast in her journalistic standards but socially, the constant grind of wild partying broken up by bouts of incredible danger (gunfire is commonplace at night and bombing runs happen as a routine) begins to take its toll on her psyche.

When asked about a sex scene in "Foxtrot", Fey said, "The only way I would ever agree to do any kind of scene, romantic scene like that, sex scene, is if it's a comedic scene". I have no idea what I act like. Tina has dedicated the movie to her father Don Fey who was a veteran from North Korea and she said that he would have enjoyed the movie. "If you make people laugh, they're more likely to acknowledge that it's screwed up". Both test the limits of how far she's willing to go for a story.

To the filmmakers' credit, they work hard to get things right while otherwise maintaining some semblance of accuracy.

There's a sharp comedy to be made about America's misadventures in Afghanistan.