But Sanders' rival and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton was the night's bigger victor, and the former Secretary of State won in Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia and, by a hair, Massachusetts. Her lukewarm reception among people like Cronk points to a challenge for her in November, should she win the nomination.

As Republican Donald Trump continues to rack up the delegates and move closer to becoming the GOP's nominee the party's establishment finds itself in panic mode looking for a way to stop the controversial candidate.

In a conference call with reporters, Clinton policy adviser Jake Sullivan said Clinton has long supported updating NAFTA.

Bernie Sanders had a packed week, though it was somewhat darkened by the Democratic presidential candidate's Super Tuesday results.

Minnesota caucus goers gave Bernie Sanders and Marco Rubio a bump forward. However, since Clinton has received the endorsement of 10 of the 12 Colorado super delegates, she has tied Sanders in the delegate count.

As important, most so-called "super delegates" - party officials - have supported Clinton thus far, although that could conceivably change by the time of the convention. She picked up 453 delegates today, versus 284 for Bernie Sanders.

The youth vote that many consider could be decisive in this election is now in play in several states. The town hall will be Baier's first time interviewing him.

Sanders' disaffected "socialist" agenda appeals to many of them immensely. In the county, it didn't seem to make a difference whether the voters live in Shawnee, in Tecumseh or out in the rural area.

Sanders, though, has delivered stunning numbers among younger voters, topping Clinton by double-digits within that population in most contests this year.

"I think you're going see an east/west divide... with people in Lincoln supporting Hillary", he said.

The Sanders campaign holds many advantages in a state where liberals are starved for attention.

Clinton did better among married women than she did among unmarried women.

On Tuesday night, speaking in his home state of Vermont after picking up a victory there and in three other contests, Sanders noted his revolution is about "bringing millions of millions" of new voters to the polls.

Democrats' chances at winning the White House for a third election cycle are amplified with a Sanders candidacy, says the poll. Minnesota was the only state other than Colorado where a caucus, rather than a primary, was held.

Ohio, where a strong youth vote is expected, will be an interesting one to watch.

After her rally Wednesday evening, Clinton attended a fundraising concert that featured singers Katy Perry and Elton John at Radio City Music Hall.

But Sanders is still in the race.

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