If the super delegates were allocated based upon the percentage of the vote garnered by Clinton and Sanders in each state or territory, Sanders would be allocated 146 super delegates and Clinton would get 184 super delegates.

Sanders, who is Jewish, says he's probably the only candidate with personal ties to Israel.

"Ten years ago, if somebody jumped up and said, 'I think that gay marriage will be legal in 50 states in America in the year 2015, ' the person next to them would've said 'You are nuts, what are you smoking?'" Sanders said.

In another interview with host Rachel Maddow just last week, Bernie Sanders noted that despite Hillary Clinton being ahead of him with hundreds of representatives voting for her, he feels that the next primaries will be more in his favor.

Many leaders in the Democratic Party decided early on the Clinton family was too powerful to defeat in the nomination battle.

Sanders has won nine USA states so far, but in a count including the party's sometimes controversial independent superdelegates, he trails Clinton by 1,614 delegates to 856. Sanders was behind by 317 delegates and most states have yet to vote.

Monday's results don't alter the contours of the race, though Sanders faces opportunities in states voting soon. Kasich has 143 delegates, including the 66 he won last week in his home state. He has vowed to stay in the race and is looking to do better when Idaho, Arizona and Utah vote on Tuesday.

French PM Valls says it is 'vital' Euro 2016 goes ahead
France's Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said his country would deploy 1600 security officers in response to the attacks. He says authorities "have no indications of a security threat" targeting the match in Berlin on Saturday.

Washington Republicans decided for the first time to use the primary to apportion all of their delegates for the convention's first vote. "Everyone will fall short", Kasich said. We have to keep going from there. "We believe that slowly we can win support for people who aren't for someone, or who are softly for her, and then we can reach out more".

When asked whether Senator Sanders plans to visit Washington again before the caucus, a campaign spokesman said "There's always a chance".

"I feel like Bernie can actually make a change for this country", said James Oram, 19.

Both competent finance ministers, they failed to meet expectations in the general elections following their leadership campaigns.

"Wait a minute, John, why don't they drop out?"

Until now, he did exactly what he said, avoiding to officially offer his support for any candidate and his will maintain this attitude until the Democratic nomination for the White House will be announced. Ted Cruz's, R-Texas, 413, meanwhile, is pinning his hopes on a contested convention - an event which would open the door to becoming the Republican nominee.