Mere weeks after being cleared to resume television work in March of 2015, Sager's leukemia returned and he had to give up his assignments during the 2015 NCAA tournament and "NBA on TNT" telecasts. I go, 'I know, what are the chances?' And (the doctors said), 'Well, you've normally got 3-6 months to live. I'm going to be that five years.

"I'm not going to be that three-to-six months, I'm going to be that five years.' I said, 'We're going to make medical history'".

My prayers goes out to one of the best to ever do it Craig Sager!! Does this mean I can go back to not answering your questions and making fun of your clothes?

The 64-year-old said: 'Still kicking, still fighting.

"That's what I asked", said Sager in a feature that aired Tuesday night.

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Lehigh Valley Veterinary Dermatology , based in Allentown, Pennsylvania , reported the historic event on its Facebook page . The brace was made inexpensively, out of material from a credit card, according to a report that aired on WPVI-TV.

Sager now is in his third, and perhaps most dire, bout with leukemia. I'm fighting this to the end. I've got too much to do. "It's not over yet, but I haven't lost it, either", Sager continues.

Sager previously received bone-marrow and stem-cell transplants from his son, Craig.

Sager is still scheduled to appear on the National Basketball Association on TNT broadcasts through April, according to Yahoo! He has been through a lot-and has had setbacks before-but it sounds like he's going to need to fight even harder than he has in the past if he wants to send the disease back into remission again.

The NBA community as a whole was saddened by the news, which led to such an outpouring of support that "Craig Sager" was trending on Twitter on Tuesday.