Besides punishing rage quitting, "Street Fighter V" developer finished their communiqué by offering possible solutions to players who have issues with connecting to "Street Fighter V" servers.

As for the servers, an issue where some users couldn't be found in Rival Search is resolved and an issue where players were disconnected immediately after creating a Battle Lounge is fixed. Capcom says it docked LP from around 30 players last week, and moving forward it's going to make a weekly sweeps based on accounts in its method which have abnormally high disconnect prices, especially once they happen towards the finish of a match.

While the number of players now being affected by Street Fighter V ragequitting punishments is simply abysmal, it reflects the state of online play that Capcom has to play it safe with such a high disconnection rate percentage.

Using the information provided by the gamers and verifying it with their own data, the company was able to conclude that certain players had disconnect rates of 80-90% and also unrealistic win statistics, all attributed to massive rage quitting.

In a new post on Capcom Unity, it's been confirmed that only the worst offenders are getting punished with a heavy reduction of League Points.

From now on, Capcom will continually monitor accounts that have high disconnect rates on a weekly basis, and will reset their League Points accordingly.

All these issues will probably be addressed in the coming March update for Street Fighter V, a month during which the game will also get access to its first free content drop, which will include a new character as well as access to the official store.

"To be clear, we're only targeting the worst offenders in our system, so in case you have had a handful of instances of being disconnected in the course of a match, you've absolutely nothing to worry about".

What do you think of the penalty to rage quitters?

"While we don't have an exact ETA on a permanent solution, we will let everyone know as soon as it is in place", Capcom said in a blog update.

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