North Korea routinely test-fires missiles and rockets, but often conducts weapons launches when angered at worldwide condemnation.

Critics of the potential deployment in the South have intensified their objections in recent months - including China, which could theoretically be spied upon from a THAAD battery positioned on the Korean Peninsula due to the system's powerful radar.

South Korea and the USA militaries are set to formally begin talks on Friday on deployment of the advanced anti-missile Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system with the United States military in the South.

'Tragedy is that the USA and its followers have not yet realized how the illegal and outrageous "sanctions" make this land boil like a crucible of battle for wiping out the enemies, ' the National Defence Commission wrote in a statement published on Korea's official newswire.

Initial talks on forming the joint group started about two weeks ago, with the South Korean defense minister clarifying on February 18 that South Korea and the USA have spoken on how to organize and manage the joint group.

The joint working group will hold its inaugural meeting later in the day at the headquarters of South Korea's defense ministry. But North Korea's continued testing, and Beijing's previous resistance to imposing harsh sanctions on Pyongyang, triggered a change in Seoul's stance. It is required to transfer that information to the Justice Ministry, a step parliamentary officials say would provide legal grounds to punish rights violators in North Korea when the two Koreas eventually reunify.

Local newspaper Herald Business quoted the Defense Ministry as saying the deployment of THAAD would be helpful in deterring the threats.

A leading South Korean expert, Cheong Seong-chang of the Sejong Institute, warned that war is increasingly possible. According to Yonhap News, the discussion centered on the question of THAAD's military effectiveness.

The U.S. likely will proceed with deployment over the objections of China and Russian Federation, the professor predicted. It said the sanctions would not result in the country's collapse or prevent it from launching more rockets. It did not mention the date of the drills but said the new weapons had South Korea within range. Citizens of the capital, Pyongyang, interviewed by The Associated Press on Thursday said they believe their country can fight off any sanctions, in a reflection of official propaganda.

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