He said Turkey had to do more to stop smugglers taking people on the short but perilous trip across the Aegean Sea to Greece. European Council President Donald Tusk voiced solidarity with Greece on the management of its growing refugee crisis during a visit here on Thursday ahead of the EU summit next Monday.

"I want to appeal to all potential illegal economic migrants wherever you are from: do not come to Europe".

He is scheduled to meet with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday.

Refugees and migrants sit on the ground as they wait to cross the Greek-Macedonian border near the Greek village of Idomeni on Thursday.

More than 1 million refugees and migrants have entered Europe since the beginning of 2015.

Non-EU member Macedonia says it has registered 87,036, while Serbia has tallied 87,704.

Most people are arriving in Greece, a country that has suffered its own economic struggles in recent years, to move on to more prosperous countries in northern and western Europe. Apparently, back to squalor and homelessness in a major European city.

Spokesman Miran Sadl says authorities are investigating "where these statuettes came from and who might have conducted a criminal act".

He said Europe was ready to grant "substantial financial support" to countries neighbouring war-torn regions such as Syria and Iraq. The EU's head office, the European Commission, has estimated that the cost of fully restoring border controls between EU member states would be as high as 18 billion euros ($20 billion) a year.

Bureaucratic nightmares keep refugees stuck at borders

Greece sent in the army in February to speed up the creation of open camps for migrants and refugees but has occasionally run into opposition from local authorities.

Separately, thousands of migrants are living rough around the French port of Calais, hoping to be able to enter the UK.

But Mr Macron said an exit vote in the referendum could end a bilateral deal allowing the United Kingdom to vet new arrivals on French territory. "Sorry, but this is the reality", Tusk said in Slovenia.

A man carries his tent in front of the wire fence that separates the Greek side from the Macedonian one at the northern Greek border station of Idomeni, Tuesday, March, 1 2016. "Half of my family had the same stamps in their passports, but they let them in".

"They make our life miserable", said Mohammad Abdali from Raqa, Syria. "Letting 80 through a day is not significant", Migration Minister Ioannis Mouzals said. "That is understandable in human terms, but we can not offer this". Numerous migrants hope to reach Germany.

Hitting back at criticism by eastern European states over Greece's failure to stem migrant flows, Tsipras questioned the wisdom of admitting these countries into the EU a decade ago. Tsipras said Greece would continue to do whatever it could to ensure no migrant or refugee was left helpless. But he insisted that the solution can only be temporary, and Greece will accept no more than its fair share of refugees who seek permanent residency. Do not risk your lives and your money; it is all for nothing.

"It is all for nothing", he said.

In return, the E.U. agreed to provide 3 billion euros ($3.26 billion) help the country deal with the migrant crisis and to accelerate talks about Turkish membership in the union.

Tusk has been touring capitals in central and south-eastern Europe this week, trying to ease tensions caused by the migration crisis.

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