Bernie Sanders (D-VT), has won Oklahoma, Colorado, Minnesota, and Vermont, which is the self-proclaimed "liberal socialist's" adopted home state.

Trump's rival Ted Cruz, a USA senator from Texas, won his home state and neighboring Oklahoma, bolstering his argument he had the best chance to stop the controversial Trump.

Democrats predicted caucus turnout would be lower than in 2008, the last contested Democratic presidential contest.

"We continue to beat every fundraising goal and, more importantly, make smart and efficient investments", said Robby Mook, Clinton's campaign manager.

Eighty miles apart in South Florida, Donald Trump stood in a gilded and chandeliered Palm Beach ballroom on Tuesday night and declared himself a "unifier" while Marco Rubio supporters stood in the dirt at a Miami horse pavilion and listened to their candidate pledge to fight for months if necessary to deny Trump the Republican nomination.

Super Tuesday is now in the history books and Minnesota's caucus results stunned the country.

In the Democratic race, Clinton has steadied herself after an unexpectedly strong early challenge from Sanders. Meanwhile, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is defiantly staying in the Democratic race, despite losing MA, which his campaign had promised to win.

Sanders also highlighted his long opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline, which Clinton came out against in September.

In the Republican race, featuring five candidates, "Trump has stormed ahead in the GOP race". The result is that if GOP leaders are unable to derail the Trump train, and barring a resurgence of the ever-viable Sanders, the nation appears headed for a bitter, contentious general election involving two vulnerable candidates.

Bernie Sanders' political revolution may be turning into a more modest uprising. Four in 10 said they were born again, cutting into Cruz's efforts to claim the evangelical vote.

"What a rigged economy is about is when working families in the middle class pay higher taxes in order to subsidize the wealthiest family in America", he said. Sanders will receive at least 124.

Here's the list of people who have donated $100 or more to Clinton's and Sanders' campaign.

"The Clinton campaign has the opportunity to pull away in the delegate count rather quickly because she has gained support from a broad cross section of the Democratic electorate", added Williams.

Trump and Clinton turned their sights on each other after their Super Tuesday wins, with Trump promising to "go after" Clinton and the former secretary of state decrying what she called Trump's divisive rhetoric.

But Clinton was so strong in many states that she won or almost tied with Sanders even among his strong constituencies. Democrats also have a contest in American Samoa and for Democrats Abroad.

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Rubio's comments apparently originated from the Spy magazine in the 1980 when Trump was referred to as a short-fingered vulgarian. But he joked that it's natural that Cruz won ME because "it's very close to Canada, let's face it".