"In order to make North Korea realize that it can't survive by developing nuclear (weapons) and that it should sincerely choose the path to denuclearization, we need to put strong pressure on the North through the faithful implementation of the Security Council resolution", Yun said.

North Korea's response has been typically shrill but also extremely misogynistic, with the regime calling the South's first female president a "capricious whore", among various choice labels.

The Korean letters on the screen read: "Kim Jong Un watches a solid-fueled rocket engine test". The solid-fuel missiles allegedly have many advantages in military use thanks to its mobility and reduced time to launch.

Moon said the DPRK's FROG missiles use solid fuel while other missiles use liquid fuel, noting that Pyongyang's claim to the successful test of a solid-fuel rocket engine seemed to be aimed at showcasing the progress in its nuclear and missile development. He said that the test will enhance missile capability and help "strike great horror and terror into the hearts of the enemies", North Korea's state news agency KCNA reported Thursday.

"We are confirming that North Korea has fired five short-range projectiles off its northeastern coast area into the East Sea", a South Korean military officer said.

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North Korea, which considers these joint military exercises "invasion drills", responded with threats of pre-emptive strikes and launched several short and medium range missiles, including one on Monday.

Since conducting its fourth underground nuclear test on January 6 and launching a long-range rocket a month later, Pyongyang says it has developed the final critical components needed to be able to reach the USA with a nuclear-tipped missile: a bomb small enough to fit into a warhead and a re-entry vehicle capable of protesting the weapon from the rigors of hitting the atmosphere from space. "Considering the severity of North Korea's threats, President Park has ordered to reinforce defense readiness to guarantee the safety of our people, and called on the public to prepare for any emergency".

The test done by Pyongyang is the latest in the string of claims regarding its growing technical sophistication of its nuclear programme.

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