The opposition, which believes the elections are a farce, has rejected that.De Mistura appeared to be making a compromise by saying the talks will start “at least” on April 9 “but if people want to come on the 13th or 14th they are warmly welcome.”.

Elsewhere, he said a political process is needed to sustain the humanitarian aid and ceasefire in Syria.

"The people of Syria insist on a transitional governing body that has no place for Bashar al-Assad or any of the key figures of the regime", the High Negotiations Committee (HNC) member highlighted.

Top Syrian government negotiator says US-Russian meeting in Moscow will not impact his country's stance to peace talks.

The cessation of hostilities deal, engineered by Washington and Moscow three weeks ago, but not signed by any of the warring parties, remains fragile.

He said during a conference on terrorism held in Maarab: "How can these powers combat the Islamic State group and still remain silent over the regime of Bashar Assad?".

But he was told by Mogherini and de Mistura that accelerating a political transition in Syria was the only way to defeat insurgent groups like Daesh.

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Ja'afari told reporters in Geneva that the government side would take the proposal back to Damascus and study it, and would respond during the next round of negotiations, tentatively scheduled for April. The paper, obtained by Foreign Policy, makes abundantly clear that the two sides have not agreed on how to bring about Assad's departure as part of the transition to a new government - arguably the most contested issue of the five-year war.

Opposition leaders say Assad must leave power; the government says this is not up for negotiation.

Steinmeier, in Moscow for a series of meetings with Russia's leadership, not only expressed hope that Syria's government will engage in serious consultations in Geneva, but also that the global community will continue to push towards peace.

De Mistura said on Tuesday that he aimed to establish if there were any points held in common by the different parties.

De Mistura said Tuesday's horrific terror attacks in Brussels, which killed at least 31 and wounded scores, underlined the imperative to find a resolution to Syria's civil war, which has now entered its sixth year and which has killed more than 250,000 people, according to United Nations estimates.

The ceasefire was implemented in compliance with the Joint Statement advanced by the Russian Federation and United States, which are co-chairs of the ISSG (the International Syrian Support Group). Islamic State is not covered by the truce agreement.

The talks were a resumption of the shuttle diplomacy - in which he met with government and opposition envoys separately - that he had suspended last month amid a blistering Russian-backed offensive by government forces near the northern city of Aleppo.