While it is not confirmed if the Huawei president is indeed using the P9, it is certainly plausible for the company executive to be already flaunting a device yet to be unveiled.

However, some of the features of the device have just been revealed.

The P9 Lite will pack a main rear-facing camera, as well as a secondary camera in the front, but additional details are a mystery at the moment. What's more is that the P9 Lite won't even have the flagships' signature dual-cameras.

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What do we know so far about the Huawei P9? However, the P9 "Lite" will reportedly have a lower-end processor than the Kirin 950 that's expected to be in the flagship P9, and the P9 "Lite" will also allegedly not have a metal body like its P9 sibling. Alleged renders of the back of the P9 Lite have been leaked and they show the phone sporting a pretty mundane, cyclops-grade, one-eyed camera.

The Huawei P9 will boast a 5.2-inch full HD display and that dual-lens rear camera with snap photos at 12-megapixel, exacting its aim with laser focus. It shall have 3GB RAM and 32GB internal memory.

As is name suggests, the Huawei P9 Lite will be the cheapest device of the P9 series, with the standard P9 being a high-end phone and the Huawei P9 Max being more like a flagship phablet. Unless this is an elaborate ruse on an unprecedented scale, it looks like we've gotten another glimpse of the P9 in the hands of Huawei's president. Huawei will probably launch all three handsets on the 6th of April, but if any more information comes up until then we will make sure you will know about it.