In response to the release of the mobile game Miimoto earlier this month, Sony Computer Entertainment's new company ForwardWorks will take on the challenging task to bring users with PlayStation games to iPhone and Android devices in Japan. With "ForwardWorks Corporation", Sony is targeting the ever expanding mobile market with PlayStation's intellectual properties, meaning we may see plenty of PlayStation games getting a mobile spin-off.

Sony seems to be taking a similar approach to mobile gaming as Nintendo, which is planning to create smartphone games based on its top franchises and most popular characters. That app-a social messaging app that was first available on the Nintendo Wii-launched with a new rewards program for Nintendo console users. The division will be formally created on April 1 - not a hoax (we hope) and the same date that Sony Computer Entertainment becomes Sony Interactive Entertainment - so we're likely to learn more after then. Its closure a year ago saw all libraries lost: while users were able to retain any downloaded titles on their current devices, the titles can not be transferred onto a new device nor re-downloaded in the event of a device failure or accidental deletion. The change which will be effective next Friday, April 1, will also have Sony introducing ForwardWorks.

President Obama Delivers Speech In Havana
Despite the insistence of human rights groups, Castro vehemently denied the existence of political prisoners in the country. Obama, dressed in a white long-sleeve shirt and sunglasses, smiled and chatted with Castro, who was dressed in a blue suit.

Sony is preparing to give Nintendo a run for its money in the mobile gaming field, as the tech giant has announced the formation of a new company that will focus exclusively on games for mobile devices. Sony still releases other products but it's clear that its bread is buttered with gaming and reaching the mobile gamer or "casual gamer" is key. On the other hand, Sony may have decided the PS Vita is eventually going to come to the end of its life and a Vita 2 isn't viable. We provide you with the latest data on worldwide and regional markets, key industries, the top companies, new products and the latest trends.