The great amount of downloads instantly made Miitomo as one of the most popular apps on the Apple App Store in Japan at the moment.

Miitomo is a social app that uses Nintendo's custom character Mii's as a way to communicate with your fellow friends. It features the Mii characters that debuted on the Wii U, though the twist here is that you can take a selfie and have it generate a personalized Mii. Miitomo, which isn't in competition with Line, will have a chance to bolster its own numbers when it launches worldwide, along with Nintendo's "My Nintendo" rewards program, by the end of this month. Another way of creating one is through the use of a mobile device camera.

Nintendo has won over a big crowd with its first mobile app. The three companies are also fighting off a trend toward cheap - even free - downloadable games for smartphones and other mobile devices.

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The success of the game has helped Nintendo shares to rise significantly today. Miitomo users are required to create a Mii avatar, modeled after themselves. You can then see other users answers to the question and responses to their answers. Nintendo's first announcement that it was making Miitomo in October was also met with frustration, as it didn't feature beloved Nintendo characters like Mario and Zelda.

Miitomo was only released in Japan initially but will be rolled out in 15 other countries including the United States and France in eight languages this month. Do you agree with Serkan Toto, that Nintendo could have a much expanded userbase for an actual Mario game on mobile?

Seeing as this was Nintendo's first app and was only released in Japan (for now), for it to reach 1 million downloads is quite impressive.