Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is "surrounded by family" as he battles cancer at a Canadian hospital, his office revealed.

Jacobs also said Ford has not been transferred to any kind of palliative care unit - contrary to some media reports.

Palliative care is often seen as end-of-life, or comfort care, for those with life-threatening conditions, but Jacobs said Ford is there so that he can be kept comfortable and to ease his pain. Jacobs said that doctors are attempting to strengthen Ford enough for another round.

Ford, 46, became known internationally known after a 2013 scandal in which he admitted to crack cocaine use, public drunkenness and drinking and driving, prompting colleagues to strip him of some of his mayoral powers.

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Earlier this month, Doug Ford said his brother was pursuing targeted chemotherapy under the Panov program at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Thousands of messages of support have been posted on a website set up for him.

Ford underwent aggressive cancer surgery last spring to remove an abdominal tumour after he was diagnosed with liposarcoma - a cancer that grows in fat cells. "I have been at the hospital for the last five days and nights by his side".

Ford, now a city councillor, re-started chemotherapy in November after doctors found two new cancerous tumors on his bladder. After his cancer diagnosis and withdrawal from the mayoral race, he sought out and won his old seat on the Toronto City Council.