Hogan had no knowledge he was being taped and the website posted the video without his consent.

"I think some type of experience, if this trial didn't humble him, then maybe picking up trash on the side of the road might", says Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea.

When the verdict was read, Hogan said he had an involuntary, physical reaction. Gawker Media is worth $83 million, the lawyers said.

"I knew we were doing what was right", Hogan said in an interview from his hometown of Clearwater, Fla. that aired on Wednesday's Good Morning America. I'm just a normal man. I made mistakes.

Scott Greenfield, a lawyer in NY who is the managing editor of Fault Lines, an online legal magazine, pointed out that Hogan first filed his case in federal court, where a judge deemed the video newsworthy.

Hogan also told a story about a time he and Denton were in the restroom together during the trial, and the famous wrestler was terrified that the website owner would "pretend to be hurt".

Former star CBC radio host acquitted of sexual assault
Some advocates for sexual assault victims anxious that the women were being put on trial rather than the alleged attacker. Ghomeshi pleaded not guilty to four counts of sexual assault and one count of overcoming resistance by choking.

Gawker has been previously criticized for its content, its use of click bait and for abusing the privacy of celebrities.

Gawker's video included excerpts from a 30-minute sex tape the company obtained without knowing its origin.

After a tumultuous trial in a Florida courtroom, Gawker owner Nick Denton is back to blogging. Hogan likely won't be a major part of WrestleMania 32, but it's very possible that fans haven't yet seen the last of the Hulkster in the ring.

Hogan continued to share the startling news that young fans had approached him disclosing that they tried to download his wrestling videos but found his sex tape instead: "I dealt with so many frightful things, people in public asking me about the tape".

However, while Gawker has promised to take the case to an appeals court, it seems that same jury has now awarded a hefty amount of additional punitive damages to the grand total. Hogan's concern over the tape's disclosure is allegedly corroborated by text messages written by Hogan expressing fear over the "one more tape that's out there". When recalling how he broke the news of the sex tape's existence to his wife, Jennifer, and his two kids, 27-year-old Brooke and 25-year-old Nick, Hogan breaks down in tears.

"I understand that we have a First Amendment and I stand behind the First Amendment, but - I'm in front of a ton of media saying this, which is intimidating - but I don't want that to be used improperly, and I think that it is used improperly way too often", she said.