TRAFFIC congestion has increased 13% globally since 2008, according to new research - with Mexico City, Bangkok, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, and Moscow ranking as the top five of the most congested cities globally in 2015. Nobody's rushing, because nobody can move in the bumper-to-bumper, standstill traffic that occurs during these commuting hours.

TomTom released its Traffic Index 2016 Tuesday and Seattle was tied for fourth-worst traffic among US cities for overall congestion levels, trailing only Los Angeles, San Francisco, and NY.

Belfast and Dublin have been named the 6th and 7th most congested cities in Europe. Commuters in the Mexican capital can expect to spend 59 per cent extra travel time stuck in traffic during the day, rising to 94 per cent in the evening peak period - a total of 219 wasted hours a year. The only American city to make the top 10 is Los Angeles.

United States travel alert over Zika only precautionary - Palace
But they stressed Friday that there's no reason for New Mexico residents to panic about the disease spreading across the state. The two mosquito species - Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus - have been found in Doña Ana, Eddy and Chaves counties, he said.

But there's always more ways to remind us how bad it's been.

Orlando was one of the cities that made the list, landing in 16 place.

Other cities in the United States shouldn't celebrate just yet.