"You have a runaway grand jury and a rogue prosecutor who chose to "Monday morning quarterback" a police officer's decision, rendition, and submission of a probable cause statement".

If convicted, Encinia could spend up to a year in jail and receive a $4,000 fine. Bland was taken to the Waller County Jail that day and was found dead in her cell on July 13. He is suspected of making false statements in the arrest report about the reason he removed Bland from her vehicle. A Waller County grand jury indicted Encinia on January 6. Next came the indictment, which led his employer, the Texas Department of Public Safety, to fire him on March 1.

"We will not allow anyone to lose focus of the fact that what Mr. Encinia did on the date of Ms. Bland's arrest, from the moment he encountered her to the moment he finished filing his charges, was proper and is no way in violation of any law in the state of Texas", he said.

Encinia is fighting to get his job back and is also named in a federal wrongful death lawsuit brought by Bland's family.

Encinia's next court hearing is scheduled for May 17.

"This charge represents a fundamental misunderstanding of law enforcement procedure", Lewis said. Eakin is a former Waller County district attorney.

Reports of man with gun at Naval Medical Center in San Diego
No injuries were reported, and investigators found no evidence of a shooting after the facility was shut down for several hours. Navy's Pacific Fleet. "Four unspent bullets were discovered during security sweeps of the Naval Medical Center".

In the middle of the storm was Bland's mother Geneva Reed-Veal.

"They're going to have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that those words used were meant to deceive, and honestly, he does not feel, nor do I, that they are deceptive", Eakin said earlier this year, referring to Encinia's report. I'm trusting God with it and that's what I mean.

"I thought it was just a disrespectful slap in the face", she told The Texas Tribune. I've been really stressed out over these past couple of weeks, but that doesn't excuse me from keeping my promise to you all by letting you know that somebody cares about you. As part of the appeals process, a public hearing by the group is required.

Government attorneys have sought to delay the lawsuit until Encinia's criminal case plays out, or dismiss it, arguing that Bland killed herself because she was distraught that friends and family didn't bail her out of jail.

"And with this level of family support", Lancaster said, nodding toward the throng, Bland's mother Geneva Reed-Veal among them, gathered outside the courtroom. Reed-Veal's legal team had asked to see the report to determine how to move forward with its case.