Soon, the Chrome App Launcher will be gone everywhere but Chrome OS. The launcher will not be killed overnight; instead, the removal process will take several months. Most Chrome browser users do not know that the app launcher exists.

Google is planning on bidding adieu to the Chrome app launcher, completely taking it out of the picture on select platforms by July.

Many users won't be surprised by this news, as it was starting to be a little redundant to have both the app launcher and the app shortcut button within the Chrome browser.

Chrome App Launcher debuted on Windows and OS in 2013, and on Linux the following year. The Chrome OS version, however, will remain intact.

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The Chrome app launcher is a pretty simple bit of software, putting a launcher in the taskbar/dock on your respective operating system.

However, some users claim that they slow the browser down and impact on performance.

While there will surely be some users that will miss the launcher, based on Google's analysis, there shouldn't be too many. And while there are many things that people love about Chrome, one that likely wins is the ability to download any number of apps from the Chrome Web Store. In late-2015, Google ditched Chrome's notification center as it looked to streamline Chrome's functionality.

Google is no stranger to removing unpopular features from their browser. Anyone out there going to miss it? Some users have come forward to say that it was actually the flawed installation and presentation of the app launcher which caused it to become insignificant and an unnecessary addition.