According to reports, one Palestinian was killed and several others were wounded in the clashes.

A battle broke out just outside of Jerusalem Monday after Global Positioning System mapping app Waze led Israeli soldiers into the Kalandia Palestinian refugee camp.

The incident came a day after Israeli forces raided the Palestinian refugee camp of Qalandiya in the occupied West Bank, killing a Palestinian youth and injuring a dozen others.

"The deportation of terrorists is a necessary step to increase deterrence against lone attackers", she said.

Since September, 28 Israelis have been killed in near-daily Palestinian attacks.

Israeli forces mounted a rescue mission into a Palestinian village amid gunbattles after two soldiers entered the area because of an apparent error on a satellite navigation app, Israeli authorities said Tuesday. Officials said five Israeli border patrol agents were among those injured. Special forces were sent into Qalandia to extricate them, and when one could not be located, the military initiated the "Hannibal Directive" which is used in situations when there is concern that a soldier has been abducted.

August 2015 - Israeli media reported that the mayor of Jerusalem complained to Waze over the app's directions, which implied parts of the city were under the control of the Palestinian Authority and directed users to avoid those areas.

Palestinian leaders say many Palestinian attackers have acted out of desperation in the absence of movement towards creation of an independent state.

Google bought the Israel-based routing app for $1 billion more than two years ago. The preferred route was to approach a separation barrier between Israel and the West Bank accessed through an Israeli checkpoint.

"(Waze) includes a specific default setting that prevents routes through areas which are marked as risky or prohibited for Israelis to drive through", the company said in a statement to AFP. Iyad Omar Sajadiyya, a 22-year-old student at al-Quds University, was shot in the head. It's the responsibility of every driver to adhere to road and traffic signs and obey local laws- in this incident there were multiple layers of prevention in place.

Binyamin Netanyahu has threatened to expel families of Palestinian attackers to Gaza after a five-month wave of violence against Israeli citizens and targets that has met with deadly retaliation from security forces.

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